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Chase Untermeyer – Interview 2

July 31 2015 1:23

Here is my second interview with former US Ambassador Chase Untermeyer. My first interview is here.

Middle East in Review with Chase Untermeyer

January 12 2015 9:33

I had the privilege of speaking to Chase Untermeyer about the state of affairs in the Middle East. Untermeyer was Ambassador to Qatar from 2004-2007 […]

Amazon to the Rescue Part 2 – Asus apparently has a “bug”

December 22 2014 13:59

For those of you who read my original post regarding the purchase of an Asus RT-AC66U dual-band wireless router, here’s the latest: I received my […]

Tags: , To The Rescue – Asus Was No Help

December 19 2014 12:31

On October 24th of this year (2014), I purchased an Asus RT-AC66U wireless router from In mid-December, the 5Ghz router frequency stopped working. Resetting […]

Ghetto Economics – Economic Liberty Squelched

December 9 2014 13:07

Ghetto economics happens when authority figures, typically politicians and/or their agents, limit other people’s ability to pursue happiness or liberty. For example, we classify opposition […]

Wedded Bliss & Levity On A Wedding Day

December 3 2014 17:13

Enjoy – A Very Happy Couple  

Ghetto Economics – The Politics of Education Reform

November 20 2014 20:55

    “Ghetto Economics” refers to a set of policies and/or customs which tend to adversely impact relatively powerless, marginalized communities. Ironically, the policies are […]

How Tom Menino Actually Became Mayor – A Footnote

November 1 2014 21:26

Kudos and special thanks to Howie Carr for mentioning Tony Crayton in his October 31 column. In July of 1993, Thomas M. Menino began his […]

Thomas M. Menino – Boston Institution

October 30 2014 15:06

  Thomas M. Menino, a Boston institution, passed away today. His legacy will be recounted by other, far more savvy observers, than I. However, I […]

Calvin Coolidge – Civil Rights Pioneer

September 17 2014 18:37

Calvin Coolidge fans are in for a treat. The 30th President of the United States and favorite son of New England was in the vanguard […]